Bluegrass State’s Prime Waterfront Property

When you think of Kentucky, you don’t really conjure up beautiful waterfront properties. It’s known for a lot of things, but not that. Dixieland Development Corporation LLC is looking to change that. They are in the process of offering 2.5 miles of waterfront property in Kentucky USA. This takes advantage of a U shaped portion of the Kentucky River that presents a beautiful area of land that can serve as anything you would like it to be.

You read it right…anything you would like it to be. There are currently no restrictions on the usage of the land. Here are some property concepts that have been suggested and could definitely work, based on the land and what it provides:

  • Waterfront – this working for either your personal waterfront property or looking to take advantage of other pursuits rather than just living there
  • Residential Homes and Cabins – the land is ideal for such kinds of homes and cabins as the natural leaning of having a house in the woods
  • RV & Campsite Lots – this will definitely be possible as well with the abundance of land and surrounding nature and the accessibility of the place
  • Hiking Trails – this is definitely a hope that most people looking into the property they want fulfilled as it provides a healthy and adventurous aspect to the area
  • ATV Areas – with such a diverse combining of geological areas, what a great idea to include ATVs to ride!
  • Rock Climbing – like all areas adorned by nature with heights, humans will always gather to try and climb that height. We have this in abundance.
  • Fishing, Hunting, Camping – Fishing is already a thing that is done a lot along the length of the Kentucky River…riverfront property in Kentucky USA would be perfect for hunting and camping…it could very well make the place a very interesting place to live

Now you might think that this is only for vacations and you will be right. But thinking that this is a perfect place to live would also make you right! It really depends on what you are looking for in your home. If you’re looking for accessibility that a big city might give you, note that this is within 600 miles of 51% of the U.S. population, and close to major interstates and roadways. Beattyville is easily accessible. Boasting a low property tax rate, an average annual temperature of 56 with a relative mid-day humidity of 61%, as well as river access for fishing and boating, and an abundance of breathtaking beauty, Beattyville offers a welcome change from the hustle bustle world.

The idea that Dixieland Development Corporation LLC is presenting here is that you can get your property and make it whatever you need it to be. If you want it to be your vacation home, then make it that way. Whether you want it by the river or relatively deep in the woodlands, it is completely up to you. If you want to create a retreat where people can go to so they can get away from the world’s rat race, while providing them access to the most beautiful waterfront property in Kentucky USA, you can do so. Your dream, turned into reality.